Getting Started with a swarm

Step 1 Go to the Swarm website.

Step 2 Click "participate" and log into the Maker using MetaMask.

For detailed information on how to use MetaMask, please watch this video.

Step 3 Generate TWO API keys for the exchange hosting the Swarm campaign you want to join.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will need to create two different API keys to participate in Swarm campaigns: one for trading, and one read-only API key.

pageAdding API for Crypto.com

Step 4 Enter both keys in the NIOX maker setting in the “Read-only” access key section.

Step 5 Open “Market Maker” tab and choose the pair listed on a Swarm.

Step 5 Once you have entered your desired settings, click "Start". Please click on the below link for a Quickstart guide for Maker.


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