About NIOX Suite

What is the NIOX Suite?

The NIOX Suite is an accessible, decentralized and comprehensive set of financial tools for the crypto economy and DeFi sector. The capabilities in our toolbox enable crypto traders, market makers and regular users to conduct trading analysis, deploy trading algorithms and exchange cryptocurrencies with confidence and ease.

The NIOX Suite was designed to address the technical complexity, secrecy and exclusivity of existing trading services. The Suite's goal is to provide users with simple infrastructure for engaging with cryptocurrency markets.

List of Products


Maker helps to increase liquidity, volume and profits by allowing users to take advantage of innovative algorithms, complex calculations and thousands of data points gathered from the exchange. All of this is presented in an intuitive user interface.



Swarm is a marketplace-driven approach to market marking that strives to bring consistent crowd-sourced liquidity provisions to orderbook-based exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Swarm allows users to quickly and easily launch liquidity mining campaigns by setting desired metrics (e.g. pairing, spread, and accessibility to reward-driven campaigns).



Smartdex is a decentralized exchange designed to facilitate secure peer-to-peer crypto trading. It allows users to buy and sell digital assets with minimal friction reliably. The first intelligent decentralized exchange to trade digital assets, Smartdex leverages the power of a combination of AI agents within a decentralized marketplace powered by SingularityNET, allowing users to trade faster and smarter.


Future Products

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Network

Among other promising future offerings, Autonio is developing an infrastructure that will allow businesses and developers to enhance trading performance through the training and deployment of AI agents and portfolio management strategies. Read More

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