Suite Dashboard


Suite Dashboard is the heart of Autonio’s ecosystem where users will be able to track key data, stake (to unlock additional features), create proposals, participate in governance and more.

Key Features

  • Overview. Users can track their NIOX balance, amount staked, reward rate and view the core Autonio products and recent blogs.

  • Staking. The staking section serves a dual purpose of enabling NIOX staking while also granting access to the various tiers accompanying staking amounts. Staking in any of the higher tiers will also make a host of Autonio’s extended features available.

  • Forum. The forum section is a place for people to discuss all topics within the Autonio ecosystem and its upcoming governance system. You can register to begin participating.

Future releases

  • Governance. Will serve not only treasury based proposals, but also those concerning voting on the overall direction of Autonio’s development.

    Submitted proposals will be voted on by decentralized voting, while every NIOX staker will have voting rights along with voting power corresponding to their NIOX staking amount.

  • Pre-sales. Informational layout of upcoming projects, ongoing and past pre-sales. Any user will be able to read all key information as well as watch videointerview organized buy Autonio.

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