Adding API for Binance

Step 1 On NIOX maker, Go to Settings.

Step 2 In Settings, Select Binance as exchange and read-only API key as access key type.

Step 3 Go to > settings > api key management.

In the security box, please enter login codes. Once these are entered, your API will be generated.

Step 4 Disable Spot & Margin Trading permission. Make sure only enable reading permission is checked.

Step 5 Copy your Read-only API keys and enter in settings.

Step 6 Create a trading access API key for Swarm.

Step 7 Once generated, make sure both "Enable reading" and "Enable spot and margin trading" permissions are ticked.

Step 8 Copy keys and save them in the NIOX maker under the trading access key.

Once you have entered both API keys successfully, you can start participating in Swarm campaign using NIOX maker.

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