Timeline of Development

Version 2.1 - 2022-02-02


  • Implemented separate Bridge section on Trade section for bridging of the same asset

  • Aurora Implementation in anyswap bridge

  • Add Aurora in the network selector and enable anyswap bridge for Aurora

  • Change network selection UI in Trade section

  • Take rewards option should be available even after withdrawing liquidity

  • Fix add liquidity section issues

  • Fix the issue with the wrong chain ID parameter when bridging to aurora

  • Extend token list to include tokens supported by Anyswap for Aurora

version 2.0.1 - 2021-12-24


  • Invest section interface

    • NIOX/USDC Pool on Polygon

    • NIOX/DFYN Pool on Polygon

    • WETH/NIOX Pool on Ethereum

  • Learn section interface

    • Added how to invest guide

Additional updates

  • Fixed additional decimal issue with dfyn token in my investment section

  • Assets fields after adding liquidity is changed to 0 by default to give a better experience in pool investment section

  • Fixed issue related to screen turning blank upon changing the network

  • Add liquidity section issues fixed

    • Show value exceed wallet balance error upon entering value that exceeds the wallet balance.

    • Shows NIL value on other side upon entering value which exceeds wallet balance

    • Didn't support value above 999 NIOX

  • Reduced decimal places in claimable reward while claming them for DFYN token

  • Bug in token info dialog box that opens on mouse hover due to which the token information was not properly displayed has been fixed

  • Added dialog box info when user performs a cross chain bridge transaction

  • Added "$" symbol and USD values in pool composition section

  • Remove liquidity dialog box had incorrect info about user assets in the pool

version 2.0 - 2021-11-29


  • Swap section interface

  • Learn section interface

    • FAQ section

    • Guides section

  • Ability to swap assets with 0x API on the connected network

  • Ability to bridge assets with Anyswap bridge

  • Mobile responsiveness

Additional updates

  • We maintain a custom token list to map token contract addresses of different networks in order to show quotes of the assets in the interface

  • Specific icons have been added to differentiate between “Switch Network” , “Trade” , “Bridge and Swap”

version 1.1 - 2021-06-30


version 1.1 - 2021-04-30

Trade Interface

  • List AGI, GLQ and ALOHA

  • Add new tokens to the deposit bridge

  • Bug fix on deposit bridge causing double approval for someone who already approved earlier

Swap Interface

  • Build farming section

  • Design implementation (color branding & fonts)

  • Add apy in ETH/NIOX pair and show total deposit in USD ( farming page)

  • Add token default list

  • Add timer in farming section with each pool

  • Bug fixes (Matic shown as WETH fixed, Uni-V2 token text fixed

  • Fix strict logo on the interface

Swap Info Interface

  • Leaderboard for volume competition

version 1.0 - 2021-03-30

Trade Interface

  • Wallet balance and order placement issue.

  • Matic bridge deposit.

  • Matic bridge withdrawal - redirects to matic wallet.

  • UI Changes - unified interface to that of swap, order size selection on percentage, recent trades.

  • Memory leak issue - Server specs has been upgraded to deal with memory consumption issue, Smartdex backend runs on m5.2xlarge instance type, which has significantly higher network speed.

  • Design issues fixed - wallet section removed from header and moved to interface, issue in chart, brand colors changed, ledger warning removed

  • Add 'Switch to Ethereum' metamask feature for depositing through bridge

  • 'Switch to Matic Network' with a one click button

  • Order placement issues - round up issue, negative balance issue

  • wMATIC contract fix - Use the commonly used wMATIC contract

Swap Interface

  • Remove ETH Mainnet connection from smartdex swap

  • Deploy LMC of NIOXLP-NIOX

  • Design implementation - apply new UI design and logo

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