NIOX Token Use Cases

Subscription Model

The NIOX token, the lifeblood of the NIOX ecosystem, is used to gain access to the trading tool-set on a Lock (stake) to Use basis. This provides easy opt-in/opt-out ability and a personalized learning curve, with minimal financial implications.


Currently staking is only available for DAO members. The current APY is ~18%, but this changes depending on the total amount of tokens locked. In the future, we will be offering lower-tier staking. Please stay-up-to-date on these plans via our blog.


NIOX also serves as a governance token, enabling DAO members to participate in the decisions we make about the project while receiving staking rewards for being part of the community. DAO members also benefit from zero trading fees on the Smartdex.

Liquidity and Rewards

Use NIOX on Smartdex, Swarm or NIOX Maker with other designated currencies to begin providing liquidity. Liquidity providers using Smartdex's Pool feature receive LP tokens which they can then use in our Farm feature to earn NIOX rewards.


With the launch of new NIOX Suite tools, there will be additional use cases for the NIOX token. This section will be updated once these new tools are released.

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