Listing on Smartdex

This document, prepared by the Autonio Foundation, contains everything you need to know about how our tools can help your project or exchange generate liquidity and increase trading volumes, including a practical example.

Existing Problems

One of the main issues faced by early-stage projects is a lack of sufficient budget to cover the cost of bootstrapping liquidity for their tokens. This can result in a number of self-reinforcing issues:

Lack of liquidity:

  1. Difficulty completing transactions without significant slippage.

  2. Lack of community and investor interest in the project coin.

  3. Insufficient interest from traders, which further curbs volume.

Lack of sufficient and consistent trading volume:

  1. A heightened risk of projects getting delisted.

  2. Lack of community and investor interest in the coin or token.

  3. Difficulty attracting more traders.


Autonio’s Smartdex, an orderbook plus swap exchange, can help.

Through our intelligent market maker NIOX Maker and our liquidity mining protocol NIOX Swarm, Smartdex provides intelligent crowdsourced liquidity, simply and affordably. It only takes minutes for a user to set up a Market Making Module on a given token pair through exchanges integrated with Smartdex.

And through NIOX Swarm, projects can sponsor campaigns that incentivize consistent liquidity provision across desired pairs.

With Smartdex's intuitive swap interface, users can create liquidity pools and execute fast and low-cost transactions. Users who might pay up to $80 for a swap on Uniswap can execute the same transaction on Smartdex for less than $0.01.

One Matic token (~$1.50) = 200 swaps on Smartdex.

Benefits for All Parties

Once your project is listed on Smartdex, you will gain access to exclusive liquidity mining/farming and trading campaigns.

As part of the partnership arrangment, we will integrate your token pair into NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm, design automated trading competitions, and engage and educate token holders on how to make effective markets for your pair. Here is what all parties have to gain from this arrangement:

For a listed project:

  1. Increased liquidity.

  2. Increased and continuous trading volume.

  3. Increasing interest in the project.

For Smartdex:

  1. A rise in tradable liquidity.

  2. Increased trading fees.

  3. Increased awareness and interest from other projects experiencing similar problems.

Partnership Terms

General Terms:

Autonio agrees to:

  • List the project on Smartdex order book and AMM interface.

  • Create a liquidity pool for the project's token pair on Smartdex.

  • Undertake Liquidity Mining Campaigns (LMC) on Smartdex and NIOX Swarm for order book exchange.

  • Integrate partner's token into NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm.

  • Undertake a Liquidity Mining Campaign (LMC) on NIOX Swarm.

  • Engage in cross-promotional and educational campaigns to heighten interest in the trading pair.

  • Collaborate with partner to design and launch trading campaigns, competitions, and events to drive activity.

To list on Smartdex:

  • Partner should fill in a listing form.

  • Token contract should be mapped for Matic blockchain.

Liquidity Mining Campaign Terms:

Liquidity mining campaigns are vital for maintaining liquidity on Smartdex for token pairs. As part of the listing arrangement, projects will commit to contributing a certain amount of tokens per month to this effort. Smartdex will then run liquidity campaigns on the AMM interface and NIOX Swarm.

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