About Autonio Foundation

About Autonio and for what purposes the project was created

Autonio (Automated Nexus of Intelligent Operations) Foundation is an intelligent DeFi User-Centric Crypto Suite with a wide array of tools designed for experts and new adopters alike. Founded in 2017 with the goal of helping traders and investors conquer crypto markets, Autonio has built a robust and innovative infrastructure (NIOX Suite) to help users prosper around algorithmic trading.

NIOX Suite comprises a comprehensive set of products that offer exceptional functionality and usability. Our applications span multiple crypto niches, with equally adroit solutions for liquidity provision, decentralized trading, on-chain orderbook-based transactions, and an array of other functions. With Autonio's cutting-edge toolbox, there are a host of ways for users to make a profit.

This entire cutting-edge trading ecosystem is united under the banner of the Autonio DAO. Our inclusive and democratic decentralized organization, which users can explore via the intuitive NIOX Suite Dashboard, allows members a chance to play an active role in molding the future of Autonio.


Since the inauguration of a MVP (Most Viable Product) back in 2017, the Autonio Foundation has continuously updated and reinvented itself to fit an ever-evolving crypto marketplace. Piggy-backing off of founder Ali Raheman’s success in creating patented AR/VR (Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality) prototypes, Autonio harbors the aim of facilitating empowerment through blockchain technology.


Since time immemorial, the financial system has been dominated by a handful of individuals and centralized entities that control the bulk of the world's capital through often secretive means. Those outside this rarified sphere are left on the sidelines, puzzled about how the system actually works. Cloaked in jargon and complexity, the system can seem all but impossible for the average person to comprehend, all but ensuring that these same entities retain their stranglehold on profit.

Fortunately for the many, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have arrived on the scene, with the promise of a new economic model founded on fairness and transparency. Autonio has positioned itself to further democratize markets by offering all investors the kinds of professional tools and techniques once reserved for veteran traders in London or New York.

Because we understand the fundamental role liquidity plays in the long-term success of any asset, Autonio has made it a central consideration across its entire NIOX Suite. Through liquidity crowdsourcing, we harness the power of the collective behind market making, ensuring a holistic, market-driven impact. This approach is inherently egalitarian and eliminates manipulation from large players (the legendary "whales" of the crypto world). The creativity of the crowd, coupled with AI-based algorithms, has also enabled Autonio to develop the intelligent protocols that serve as a foundation to all of our products.

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