Introduction to Autonio DAO

The Autonio DAO is fully committed to true decentralization. This means that any DAO member is both able and encouraged to voice an opinion, to vote on proposals, and to contribute to or lead any activity they believe will help the project achieve its goals.

‌Since decentralized finance and decentralized organizations are both relatively new phenomena, we had few statistics or case studies to guide us when we set out to establish our own DAO. Determined to work with what we had, however, we undertook a detailed analysis of the blockchain projects already operating successfully under the guidance of a DAO.

This analysis informed the design of the Autonio DAO ecosystem, which was set up according to the principles we believe should be at the heart of any decentralized organization:


All information will be disclosed to our users, except in cases where such information could prove harmful to the project (e.g. price, reputation, ongoing negotiations).

Freedom of opinion

Each and every DAO member has the right to express his/her opinion (respectfully and within reasonable limits) on any issue related to the project.

Freedom from outside influences

Our DAO will be free from the influence of any centralized or undisclosed centralized party. We ensure this through transparent and fair voting on a blockchain.

Free and open communication among members

Users will be encouraged to communicate with one another in a free, open and respectful fashion. This will be facilitated via a forum that allows any registered user to introduce a topic and/or to participate in discussions begun by other DAO members.

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