Advanced Settings

Reposition Orders

Cancels and opens new orders based on a specified refresh time. Unlike the "Refresh Time" feature, "Reposition Orders" refreshes orders regardless of how much of your order has been filled and overrides other advanced settings. Used in situations of high volatility and/or large volume.

Rotate Orders

Places buy and sell orders within a user-defined time span. This setting is used for a pair with a fixed spread. The buy order should be placed near the daily/hour bottom and the sell order near the daily/hour top.

Price Band

Allows users to set a price band within the Maker Module that places both buy and sell orders only within a specified price range. This feature is used to reduce the risk of losses should a market change condition or direction abruptly.

Hanging Orders

Permits users to keep placed orders hanging until both sides of a trade are fulfilled. Hanging orders are used in a stable market with known daily/hour bottom and top. In such market conditions, the Maker Module increases the chance of making a profit.

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