Useful tips for getting the most out of NIOX Maker

Tip 1

In volatile markets, use a higher refresh rate.

Tip 2

In low-volume markets, enter a higher spread.

Tip 3

When an asset is trending up, set a higher sell spread than buy spread. Conversely, if it is trending down, set a lower sell spread than buy spread.

Tip 4

Check your trading chart frequently and be ready to adjust settings according to prevailing market conditions.

Tip 5

Don’t use more than 20-25% of your portfolio for an order.

Tip 6

Hanging orders can improve performance in less volatile markets.

Tip 7

Don’t choose too tight a spread. Ensure you set a spread amount that at least covers the exchange fees (.2% on each side).

Tip 8

Run several sessions for one pair to compare results and adjust settings accordingly.

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