Want to contribute? Here's how:

Want to get more involved with the Autonio Foundation? There are a host of ways you can help out:


Do you have experience trying out products in the crypto space and offering feedback on user experience? If so, we have exciting work just for you. Please join our group of active testers.

Community Developer

Are you a ‘do-it-all dev’ with a knack for knocking out countless lines of code? If this sounds like you, please join our group of community developers. We would be thrilled to have you on board.

NIOX Autobot

Do you want to help generate a social media buzz about Autonio and its products? If yes, then please join our group of active autobots.


If you have any other unique skills that you feel may add value to the Autonio project, we would love to hear from you. Please write us and tell us your ideas for making Autonio even better.

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