Introduction to Autonio swarm


Liquidity is vital for all financial assets and trading venues. However, many market participants are unclear as to what drives liquidity and how to measure its effects. This is because market making, the business of providing liquidity, has traditionally been accessible to a select cadre of participants, such as hedge funds and large financial institutions. Crypto exchanges and token issuers spend an estimated $1.2 billion per year compensating market makers -- typically quantitative hedge funds specializing in crypto assets -- in the form of rebates, fees and the opportunity cost of inventory.

Intelligent market making solutions enable a fairer economy true to the principle of decentralization, and offer a sustainable solution to crowdsourced liquidity.

The use of AI agents to build an intelligent market making network looks set to inspire the next evolution in crypto markets, empowering a new class of crowdsourced liquidity that’s sensitive to price variations.

Swarm - Autonio’s liquidity mining protocol incorporates a marketplace-based approach to market maker compensation that leverages competitive dynamics to align rewards for liquidity providers with the risks they bear in different market regimes. This leads to lower coordination costs and improved matching efficiency by connecting liquidity buyers (sponsors) & sellers (market makers).

Key Features

  • Easy to set up. No need for any coding skills. Users can easily choose a campaign and participate just by adding API keys and setting up a Maker module.

  • Easy to use and earn. GUI allows the user to run and earn rewards with only a few clicks.

  • No minimal amount needed. Users with as little as US$50 can successfully run Maker.

  • Runs in auto regime. Once the user clicks on the "start" button, Maker fills orders automatically.

  • Supported by the top crypto exchanges. NIOX Maker has APIs with the top exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, Loopring, Tomodex, Crypto.com and AscendEx. Later this year, Maker will also be compatible with Binance.US and Beaxy.

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