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Partnership Proposal

This document, prepared by the Autonio Foundation, contains everything you need to know about how our tools can help your project or exchange generate liquidity and increase trading volumes, including a practical example.

Existing Problems

One of the main issues faced by early-stage projects is the lack of sufficient budget to cover the cost of bootstrapping liquidity for their tokens. This can cause a number of self-reinforcing issues:

Lack of liquidity:

  1. Difficulty completing transactions without significant slippage.

  2. Lack of community and investor interest in the project coin.

  3. Insufficient interest from traders, which further curbs volume.

Lack of sufficient and consistent trading volume:

  1. A heightened risk of projects getting delisted.

  2. Lack of community and investors interest in the coin or token.

  3. Difficulty attracting more traders.

An All-Too-Frequent Vicious Cycle!

Projects with sufficient funds to forge long-term partnerships with companies that provide services for increasing liquidity and trading volumes have been able to successfully solve such problems. But what about those without ample financial reserves?


Autonio can help!

Through our our IMM NIOX Maker and our liquidity mining protocol NIOX Swarm, Autonio can provide intelligent crowdsourced liquidity, simply and affordably. It takes just a few minutes to set up a Market Making Module on a token pair through integrated exchanges. And with NIOX Swarm, projects can sponsor campaigns that incentivize consistent liquidity provision across desired pairs. To see how this works in practice, please take a look at some of the successful Swarm campaigns we have run in the past:

Benefits for Parties

Once you become an Autonio partner, we will integrate your token pair into NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm, stage joint liquidity mining campaigns, design automated trading competitions, and engage and educate token holders on how to make effective markets for your pair. Here is what all parties have to gain from this arrangement:

For a project:

  1. Increased liquidity.

  2. A rise in continuous trading volume.

  3. Heightened interest in the project.

For an exchange:

  1. Real, tradable liquidity that helps with the perceived integrity of an exchange.

  2. Profits in the form of trading fees.

  3. New user/trader registrations.

For Autonio:

  1. Active use of our tools.

  2. Increased awareness and interest from other projects seeking to solve similar problems.

  3. The realization of our vision.

Partnership Terms

We offer you assistance in building liquidity and increasing trading volumes on the exchange through the establishment of a long-term partnership, according to the following conditions:


  • NIOX Swarm integration into exchange.

  • The organization of 1-, 3- and 6-month campaigns for agreed pair(s) (including related marketing activities).

  • If agreed as part of partnership terms, Autonio may also provide financial and technical support.

Partnered project/exchange:

  • Co-marketing and financial support on agreed terms.

  • NIOX (Autonio native token) listing on an exchange.

Other information:

  • Main campaign terms: continuous volume generation and liquidity provision.

  • Campaign information will include terms, guidelines and specifications for reward calculation.

  • Data such as volume size or numbers of campaign participants will be updated live in Autonio MM and will also be published on social media.

  • Final results will be published on Autonio’s social media outlets.

Interested? Contact us!

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a long-term basis, please write us at or

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