Autonio Foundation Gitbook

Version 1.0 (22.05.2021)

Welcome to the Autonio Foundation Gitbook guide! This is the place where you will find all useful information to help you crush your crypto goals with us. We have structured this guide to highlight three vital components that we highly value as a team:


Across the full NIOX Suite of products, the tokenomics of our $NIOX token, and the layout of the DAO, we will always endeavor to share with our community the most comprehensive and behind-the-scenes information available. Through transparency, we hope both to inspire further creativity and development in the ecosystem and to ensure everyone is on the same page. So you can rest assured that you will find the inner workings of everything Autonio in this guide, from our approach to development, to how we structure monthly reports and transactions.

Check Gitlab We strive to publish our open source products in a timely manner.


Putting the user at the forefront means that even our most sophisticated technology remains firmly in your hands. On a macrocosmic scale, our mission, values and vision are all built upon the goal of user-centricity.



We do all we can to facilitate as many connections as possible, from sharing contact information for the Autonio team, to offering insights into our partnerships. Synergies from overlapping ideas and strong communications within networks play a vital role in the success of a project. We invite all of you to play an active and unique role in our community!


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