Introduction to Autonio smartdex


Smartdex is Autonio's feature-rich decentralized exchange. It offers an orderbook interface, an on-chain intelligent market maker (IMM) and matchless liquidity, thanks in part to NIOX Swarm, our intelligent and easy-to-use liquidity mining protocol.

Smartdex is configured to be a multi-chain exchange. We are currently live on Polygon and will in the coming months join Conflux, BSC and Cardano, among others.

We are also in the process of building an updated version of the DEX, which will deliver all the speed, safety, and usability of the first iteration with greater capital efficiency and lower transaction fees. Smartdex V2 will be based on the Balancer V2 protocol, under which all liquidity and asset pools are held and managed by a single vault.

Many more new features and capabilities lie in Smartdex's future, including the integration of automated trading tools that will allow ordinary investors to access and deploy the kinds of sophisticated strategies that reap big profits for high-frequency trading veterans.

Key Features

  • Enhanced UX/UI. Users can trade, swap, deposit/withdraw, farm and participate in different campaigns with only a few clicks.

  • Almost 0 fees. Users can trade their favorite tokens on the Smartdex orderbook without fees. The only fees they currently face are within the Polygon network, which are a fraction of those on other blockchains. The Swap platform will distribute 0.3% of fees to Liquidity Providers. In the future, Smartdex will charge 0.10% on Maker and 0.20% on Taker transactions.

  • Swap interface. To satisfy demands for the industry-standard DeFi tools traders have come to expect, we offer an easy-to-use swap interface, where users can exchange tokens in a quick and convenient way.

  • Orderbook interface. Our orderbook interface allows traders with a more traditional mindset to easily trade listed tokens using classic orderbooks and trading charts.

  • Farming. Farming on Smartdex allows liquidity providers to stake LP tokens to earn rewards. The list of farming options will be continuously updated based on user demand and interest.

  • Pools. Liquidity Pools can be organized for any token and can be provided by any LP through a collection of funds locked in a smart contract.

Future releases

  • Partnerships. Over the coming quarters, we will work closely with our partner network to add new features and improve both the performance and functionality of the DEX.

  • Campaigns. We stage regular multi-token farming campaigns, introduce liquidity pools,, ‘Earndrop Campaigns’ and, just in the last few weeks.

  • Layer 1 <> Layer 2. In the up-coming Smartdex versions, we will enable instant deposit and withdrawal between Layer 1 and Layer 2. This will significantly improve user experience while switching between layers.

  • Multi-chain support. Smartdex is a multi-chain exchange and will be deployed on the Conflux Network, Binance Smart Chain, and Cardano, to name a few.

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