Answers to the frequently asked questions

How do I add API Keys for a Swarm campaign?

Please click on the guide below for detailed instructions.

How do I use NIOX Maker?

The Quickstart guide below will help you get trading fast.

Do you have any suggestions for running a market maker during a Swarm campaign?

The Tips link below offers some ideas.

Where can I find a list of ongoing campaigns?

A list of all past and future campaigns is available in NIOX Maker under the section "Campaigns". Alternatively, you can find full details on the official swarm website.

Can I participate in more than one campaign?

Yes, you can participate in multiple campaigns and run multiple sessions.

How can I increase my chances of earning more rewards?

  1. Generate more volume then other users. You can do this by filling more and larger orders than other Swarm participants.

  2. Set your spread as narrow as possible (just enough to cover your trading fees).

  3. Run multiple sessions.

How are rewards calculated?

Reward calculation is based on two core activities: volume generation and liquidity provision. The more volume a user generates and the more liquidity he/she provides, the more rewards he/she will reap by the end of the campaign.

Low rates of slippage lead to greater rewards. The narrower the gap between desired buy and sell prices, the more rewards the liquidity provider earns.

Rewards for volume generation are based on the total volume a user has generated by the end of a given campaign. Users are rewarded according to how much volume (in percentage terms) they have generated relative to others. Example: if a user generates 50% of all created volume in a campaign, he/she would earn 50% of the available rewards.

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