Getting Started with a market maker

Installing MetaMask

Step 1 Go to the Metamask website.

Step 2 Click "Install MetaMask for Chrome" (website will automatically identify browser you use).

Step 3 Click "Add to Chrome" in the upper right corner.

Step 4 Click "Add to Chrome" in the upper right corner.

Step 5 Click "Add Extension" in popup window to complete the installation.

Using MetaMask

For detailed information on how to use MetaMask, please watch the video below.

Log into NIOX Maker

Step 1 Go to the maker website.

Step 2 Click "Use MetaMask".

Step 3 Click "Next" and "Connect" in popup window.

Step 4 Click "Login" in popup window and enter your details.

Adding API Keys

The process of adding APIs depends on the exchange on which you will NIOX Maker. Please note: The section marked "withdrawal" should stay unchecked.

Step 1 Once you logged in, click on "Settings".

Step 2 Select an exchange and "Trading access key"

Step 3 Log into your exchange and copy both "API key" and "Secret key" under your profile settings.

Click button below to see the instructions for every supported exchange.

Step 4 Paste your keys in the corresponding lines.

Step 5 Click "Save".

Running maker module

Step 1 Click "Market Maker".

Step 2 Select exchange from the list of those for which you have API keys.

Step 3 Select your desired token pair. You need to have funds on both assets of the pair you run the maker on.

Step 4 In "Main Setting", select your desired market maker. For more stable performance, we recommend using "Smart Market Maker".

Step 5 Select "Order Size" in the Portfolio section (the only option available for this version). This sets the proportion of your portfolio that the maker module will be using to place orders.

Step 6 Select your desired order size. Keep in mind that each exchange has a minimum order amount for each pair.

Step 7 Write down a time in seconds in the "Refresh Time" section. This is the time period for a maker module to reset its orders.

Step 8 Enter Buy and Sell spreads (calculated in %). These fields will include the current market spread of the selected pair by default. Please bear in mind that every exchange applies maker and taker fees. Make sure that your spread is higher then those fees.

Step 9 Click "Start Trading" to set your market module running.

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