Step 1 You can make fund withdrawals/deposits between the Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), and Binance Smart Chain currently as well as other networks down the line directly through Smartdex. In the Smartdex app, click "Trade" in the upper left corner menu.

Step 2 Select or type in the token you wish to bridge or swap from the drop down menu in the "Pay" and "Receive" boxes. Enter the quantity of the token you would like to bridge.

Select the Network you would like to transfer "From" and the network you want to transfer "To" in the drop down menu. In this example we use Ethereum Network and Polygon Network.

Step 3

Select the "Bridge" icon to continue.

Step 4 Click "Confirm" to allow Smartdex to spend or confirm switching networks to start bridge from correct network.

Step 5 After confirmation, click “Bridge” once again to bridge/send your tokens to the new network.

Step 6 Wait for the transaction to complete.

Keep in mind that moving funds from Ethereum mainnet to matic can take up to to 1 hour in PoS (Proof of Stake) and ~7 days in Plasma.

Also, withdrawals to PoS will consist of 2 transactions and you will be shown an estimated transaction fee for completing both.

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