Answers to frequently asked questions

Where is the Autonio team based?

Autonio team members work all over the world: in China, India and Europe.

Where can I buy NIOX?

Please click on "Links" below.


How can I swap my NIO tokens to NIOX?

Please read through and complete the following form.

What is the role of NIOX, Autonio’s native token?

By locking in a set quantity of NIOX tokens, users can unlock NIOX Suite tools, enjoy fee discounts and even join the DAO. Please see below for more details.


Can I use NIOX Suite tools for free?

Yes, for now. In future, the subscription model will require that you lock a quantity of NIOX tokens to access products.

How can I stake my NIOX?

For now staking is only available for DAO members, but in the future we will introduce a lower-tier staking. Please follow our blog for more.

How to use Market Maker?

Please, follow the guide below.


How can I participate in a Swarm campaigns?

Please, follow the guide below.


How can I become a DAO member?

Currently, in order to become a DAO member, a user will need to lock 300 000 NIOX in a smart contract. If you already have 300,000 NIOX or more and want to become a DAO member, please write totobias@autonio.foundation

What is the current staking APY?

Current APY is ~18%, but keep in mind that it may change depending on the total amount of NIOX being locked in a smart contract.

What are the benefits of becoming a DAO member?

Please read the section below for all detailed information.

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How can I contribute to Autonio development?

Please read the section bellow for all detailed information.


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