Introduction to Autonio maker


Liquidity providers (market makers) play a crucial role in enabling successful trading. While the recent boom in the decentralized finance space has allowed the average user an unmatched opportunity to trade, transactions are still hampered by high gas fees, vulnerability of funds and complexity of adoption.

NIOX Maker helps to increase liquidity, volume and even profits by allowing users to take advantage of innovative algorithms, complex calculations and thousands of data points gathered from the exchange—all presented in one intuitive user interface. Unlike many analogs out there, NIOX Maker is easy to both set up and run. With its straightforward UX, even the least-technical investor can become a market maker with the click of a button.

NIOX Maker aggregates data and enciphers algorithms to bring users a state-of-the-art market making experience. Users can access the latest High Frequency Trading (HFT) methods, or choose from a selection of market maker bots to match various strategies.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up. No need for any coding skills. Users can set up Maker with a few clicks, just by copying/pasting API keys.

  • Easy to use and earn. Thanks to an easy-to-understand menu of default settings, the GUI helps users set up Maker fast -- and start earning!

  • No minimal amount needed. Users can successfully run Maker with only US$50 dollars.

  • Runs in auto regime. Once the user clicks on the "start" button, Maker fills orders automatically.

  • The Maker supports the top crypto exchanges. Maker can be connected via API to the top tier exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, Loopring, Tomodex, and AscendEX. And later this year, Maker will become compatible with both Binance.US and Beaxy.

  • Additional earnings opportunities thanks to Swarm. Swarm marketplace allows a user to choose which pair he/she wants to build liquidity/volume for and earn extra rewards.


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