Answers to the frequently asked questions

What I need to get started?

  1. You will need to install Metamask.

  2. You will need to add API Keys for the exchange on which you want to run Maker.

  3. You will need to have funds for both crypto assets that will be used in the Maker module.

What is the minimum order?

This depends on the pair and your target exchange. You can find more information by looking up the specific trading rules of the exchange you plan to run Maker on by typing "(exchange) trading rules".

Here is an example of Binance trading rules.

How can I check exchange taker/maker fees?

Again, fee rates will vary among exchanges. You can find these out by typing "(exchange) fee rates".

Here is an example of Binance fee schedule.

Can I run more then one session?

Yes, you can run multiple sessions. Just click and open "Market Maker" in a new tab.

What are the best settings for beginners?

There is no "gold strategy" to use as market conditions always change. But at the start, we recommend you use the IMM, 20% - 25% of your portfolio for the order, with 60 seconds refresh and 0.15-0.25 spread from both sides.

What is the best way to earn profits using the Maker?

Take a look at the "Tips" for some ideas.


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