Subscription Model


The subscription model, or stake-to-use, is a pioneering principle that allows users to unlock specific offers within a product range. In Autonio's case, stake-to-use relates to all privileges available within the NIOX Suite, DAO, and the NIOX Suite Dashboard.


To benefit from the subscription model, users must agree to lock their $NIOX in the NIOX Suite Dashboard for a minimum of one month. It is important to note the required timeframe, as tokens unlocked prematurely will incur a penalty. Along with access to the corresponding features, users will receive rewards based on the amount of $NIOX they have staked. A yet-to-be-determined portion of annual rewards will also be distributed among users.

NIOX Suite Dasboard

NIOX Suite Dashboard allows anyone in the Autonio ecosystem to interact with data and tools: all in one place. Any user can lock coins for staking and unlock extra features for every NIOX Suite tool. DAO members, meanwhile, can participate in governance, vote, submit proposals and share in revenues through this intuitive and easy-to-use app.

Subscription Model Architecture

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